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Zaragoza AB, Spain

This page is for memories of weapons deployments to Zaragoza AB, Spain and of all activities thereunto connected (such as running the tubes!). If you have suggestions and/or photos, please send 'em in here. Photos from all eras are needed.

The tubes at Zaragoza, Spain Tapas bar in Zaragoza, Spain
The Tubes in downtown Zaragoza (1980) Inside a tapas bar in the Tubes (1980)
F-4s at Zaragoza AB, Spain Flight line at Zaragoza AB, Spain
EOR Inspection at ZAB (80s) Flightline at ZAB (80s)
533 waits to take off at Zaragoza AB, Spain 533 on the runway at Zaragoza AB, Spain
Sgt Baranek's bird waiting to launch on a Bardenas Range ride (80s) Sgt Baranek's #533 on the runway at ZAB (80s)